Tuesday 25 November 2014

TAG2014 Scheduling - Join us on Tuesday!

The Decolonising Human Origins session has been scheduled for Tuesday 16 December in the afternoon slot from 2-6pm in Mansfield Cooper 2.03. Our speakers are listed below in running order and the abstracts are available here. Our papers are going to be 20 minutes each with 10 minutes following each paper for discussion. There are so many wonderful session organised for this TAG (check out the full timetable on the conference website) and we hope you can make it along to ours.

See you in Manchester!

Decolonising Human Origins Speakers:

Martin Porr and Jacqueline Matthews (University of Western Australia)
Between the universal and the local. Pathways towards the decolonisation of human evolution

Tim Lewens (University of Cambridge) and Jonathan Birch (London School of Economics)
Tribes and tribal instincts: A critique

Robin Dennell (University of Sheffield)
The Far East and the Far West

John Piprani (University of Manchester)
De-colonising the past. Implications for a Middle to Upper Palaeolithic ‘Transitional Industry’ from Britain

Jacqueline Matthews (University of Western Australia)
Decolonising visions of Aboriginal stone artefacts: An antipodal perspective

Martin Porr (University of Western Australia)
Decolonising the origins of art

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