Below are citations and links for our publications related to this research project:

Porr, M. and J. Matthews 2017 Postcolonialism, human origins and the paradox of modernity. Antiquity 91(358):1058–1068. (Publishers website.)

Porr, M. 2017 Myths that refuse to die. Kimberley rock art and the interpretation of Australian Indigenous heritage. Unpublished review essay. (Click here to download a pdf copy.)

Porr, M. 2015 Lives and lines. Integrating molecular genetics, the 'origins of modern humans' and Indigenous knowledge. In A. McGrath & M.A. Jebb (eds), Long history, deep time: deepening histories of place, pp.203-219. Canberra: ANU Press. (Available for free pdf download from the publisher website.)

Porr, M. 2014 Essential questions: ‘Modern humans’ and the capacity for modernity. In R. Dennell & M. Porr (eds), Southern Asia, Australia and the search for human origins, pp.257-264. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (More information about this edited volume available here. Click here to download a pdf copy.)

Porr, M. 2011 One step forward, two steps back: The issue of behavioral modernity, again. Current Anthropology 52(4):581-582. (Click here to download a pdf copy.)

Porr, M. 2010 Identifying behavioural modernity: Lessons from Sahul. Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association 30:28-34. (Click here to download a pdf copy.)

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